Glasgow, Christmas at George Square – Words and videos

From Loch Lomond there is a continuous connection by water to Glasgow.  Loch Lomond narrows at its Southernmost end and becomes the River Leven.  This short, fast-flowing river ends at Dumbarton where it empties into the Firth of Clyde.  The Firth becomes the River Clyde, skirting Clydebank before flowing through the center of Glasgow.

Christmas at George Square

It seems no time since I posted the comments and videos of my visit to George Square.  A whole year has passed, however, and I once again went to Glasgow to check out what the Big City was doing by way of Christmas fun.  Below are the videos I  shot yesterday.  More magic!

Last December I took the forty-five minute train trip from my home near Loch Lomond to Glasgow to do some Christmas shopping.  On the way back to the railway station, I passed George Square where I filmed the following videos.  Amateur as they are, I still find them magical.

One thought on “Glasgow, Christmas at George Square – Words and videos

  1. I love George Square at Christmas it’s my Favourite time of the year I’ve not been t9 The Square this year yet The Market is so Inviting The Big Wheel Shines like a big Star I’m a Really Big Christmas Fan I Love Listening To My Christmas songs it Really Makes Christmas Special Mirayah Carrey All iWant For Christmas is one of my Favourites Have a Nice Christmas Everyone

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